Quality Powder Coating M.A.F.

Metal Alloys Manufacturing contracts East Lake Manufacturing to provide quick turnaround, quality powder coating for their finished products. MAF sends a variety of projects in various quantities, shapes and sizes.  Our staff take the time to ensure that orders are entered properly.  Checking quantities, measurements and color codes. Documents are then prepared for the shop floor,  giving them all the information they need to complete projects in an organized,  timely fashion.  Upon completion, projects are packaged to MAF’s specifications and prepared for shipping or pickup.  Being responsive and organized in our approach allows East Lake Manufacturing’s powder coating shop to be a trusted partner in the manufacturing process.om an accurate entry of orders to meticulously verifying quantities, measurements, and colour codes our experts ensure they have all the information needed to execute projects efficiently and in a well-organized manner.

The team at East Lake Powder Coating, particularly Hank and Damian, have consistently exceeded our expectations with their impeccable service and high-quality finishes. Their responsiveness and attention to detail have made every project a seamless experience. A partnership with them is a guarantee of quality and professionalism.
br-lazy"Levi Kuta, General Manager, MAF Metal Alloy Fabrication Ltd.

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